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When I first came to Spring of Hope, I was six years old.  My parents went for counseling and thought it would be beneficial for me too.  I remember playing with play-doh where each figure had a meaning, and I actually still have the little figurines today, although a little crumpled.  Now I don't' remember the meanings for each one, but what I do remember is how I felt while making them.  Safe and heard.  I had a habit of staying in the shadows, yet at Spring of Hope my voice could be heard and my feelings made valid. Flash forward to age thirteen when I then came back to Spring of Hope more broken and hopeless than I ever realized.  I suffered from depression and anxiety two years before I spoke up and said i needed help.  No one listened.  I finally went tot he doctors for insomnia which they suggested I get counseling.  My mom took me back to Spring of Hope where I was greeted with familiar faces and open arms.  I felt safe.  I felt relieved.  I felt heard.  I felt not completely alone.  It was there I was taught positive affirmations.  It was there I was told to acknowledge, grieve, and move forward.  It was there where I heard my identity is found in Christ and Christ alone.  That my worth is defined through Him.  That's where I changed.  When I no longer gave depression and anxiety that strong hold over me.  Now I still work daily to make that conscious decision, but now I have the tools, the knowledge, and the truths of Jesus Christ instilled in me.  Thank you Spring of Hope for teaching me and never losing hope in me! --L

Spring of Hope is a new entity in my life!  My husband and I have been attending Spring of Hope since November 2020.  Since then we have grown tremendously.  Through these few months, the counselor has shown us that as a married couple, we still had not reached our full potential of happiness.  The counselor was right and we could not deny it.  We still have more road to cover but through it all Spring of Hope has lead us to understand each other and most importantly has made our relationship with God even stronger.  Thank you to the counselor and Spring of Hope for helping our marriage build!--K
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I was invited to a fundraiser dinner last year (2020) for Spring of Hope and at that event I felt the leading of God to go see one of the counselors, but I was not a fan of someone picking apart my life.  So, I tried to ignore the prompting for almost a year.  I believe that God kept sending messages until I relented and made my first appointment.  I was very afraid and brought somebody with me for support.  At the last minute, I found myself on my own with just me and my counselor.  I survived and the next thing I knew I was making a second appointment. Every time I go, it's me, the counselor, and God.  I leave better than when I arrived.  I am so grateful for Spring of Hope and how God uses them to change the world--one broken heart at a time.  Thank you!--C 

    From the beginning of this relationship [with Jesus Christ], the cry of my heart was "Intimacy with the Father.  My heart did not/could not accept this truth.  I now know that bitter root judgments, self-hatred, unmet needs, and intergenerational trauma fueled my life;  I was most miserable.  
    I contemplated suicide.  Someone suggested counseling, which I objected to.  While thankful to the servant of God [Pastoral Counseling I received], he only spoke of the "here and now."  My past was never spoken about.  Since something was still amiss, I began asking God to show me the root.  And He began to do just that. 
     I was introduced to prayer ministry.  It was during this period of my life that my heavenly father revealed to me the root, the underlying issue, the plot, and scheme of the enemy to destroy my life;  it began in the womb; rejection, abandonment and unwantedness.  I endured so much trauma during my formative years and it was silenced. 
     In 2017 I signed up for the Elijah House School of Ministry Training.   I relocated [after graduating the training] and took this newfound knowledge about unmet needs and perfection and bitter root judgements with me.  I decided to reach out to Spring of Hope in late 2020 because I knew I needed support and I could no longer hide from the enemy's guilt and taunting.  
    During my first meeting with the counselor, it was said, "You have believed the lies!"  Another turning point occurred when I admitted my addiction.  My heart leapt with joy when it was discovered that because I believed the lie that I was unlovable and that the Holy Spirit could not comfort me, the only alternative I had was to comfort myself.  That was the best news I ever heard [that I was believing a lie.] Other areas of oppression are being dealt with as I write this testimony.
    I want to give away everything I've been given:  Freedom, Healing, and Acceptance in the Beloved.--B