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We want to say thank you to Spring of Hope Ministries for showing us a path to save our marriage. Without the help given in our counseling sessions, we would be just another divorce statistic.

Our counselors gave us the tools to open our hearts, to listen to each other and to eventually forgive. They showed us that God forgave our sins, and so could we forgive the sins of each other.

We are so thankful we reached out to them to help us through a very dark period of our 39 years of marriage. With their faith, support and guidance, our marrige is stronger than ever before.

Thank you Spring of Hope Ministries.

We want to thank you for investing your time and prayers into our relationship. We have been moving forward in our relationship and applying the principles you have taught us. We are also praying together on a regular basis.

God has blessed you with a gift so keep doing what you are doing.

God bless.

230 South Potomac Street, Waynesboro, PA 17268
1090 Wayne Avenue, Chambersburg, PA 17201
Ph: 717-762-0234 or 888-378-0234
Email: office@springofhopepa.com

At a recent SOH Board Meeting Autumn presented the devotions. She shared a story about a man named Andrew who recently joined her church family after the Lord came to him in a dream. The Lord asked Andrew to remind her church family what simple, child-like faith looks like.  Over the past 4 Sundays, he has shared his gifts of faith and healing with several people in the church. Just yesterday, Andrew came to Autumn and asked her why her hand was bandaged. Autumn shared with him that she had an old injury from falling off a horse many years ago and that sometimes, she’ll sprain her wrist from where it was weakened and needs to wrap it for a few days. Andrew directed her to a dear brother in the church.  Instantly familiar with the faith of this dear friend, she knew the strength of love and faith that her faith would be intersected with in prayer.  Healing sometimes requires our faith to intersect with the faith of another.  After praying  Autumn still experienced some pain.  Andrew said, “keep praying.” Subsequently, the pain in her wrist had significantly improved.  Autumn shared that she was pleased with the improvement.  However, Andrew said it was not complete.  In worship as Autumn connected with God, she asked why?  God took her back to the original incident.  He asked her why she had not closed the door to that accident.  When she closed the door in the spiritual realm, her healing became complete. God does not want us to “settle” for less than complete healing.                       
—A Testimony from Autumn Upole