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  Wayne & Ruth Kuhns

      Director and
  Prayer Counselors

Wayne serves as the Director of Spring of Hope Prayer Counseling Ministries in Waynesboro, PA, where he and his wife Ruth are prayer counselors. Wayne became an ordained Pastor in 1992 and together they have served on Pastoral Leadership teams beginning in 1969. They are graduates of the 201 and 202 Elijah House training. They have completed the Basic Theophostic training.

Wayne  earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry, Master's Degree in Christian Counseling with an emphasis in family and teaching, and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from International Seminary of Bible Theology. He is a trained behavioral consultant through the Institute for Motivational Living in New Castle, PA.

Wayne has been teaching Elijah House training schools for Prayer Counseling Ministry since 2001 and has developed and taught programs for couples, families, and leadership.  He has taught extensively on Inner Healing, the Father's Love and the development of healthy relationships, first with the Heavenly Father and then to love your neighbor as yourself. Wayne has traveled and taught Inner Healing and the Father's Love message in Canada, China, Ghana, Guatemala and the Phillipines.

Ruth’s passion is to see people come into an understanding and revelation that God is their healer, and to see them come into wholeness so they can fulfill their God-given purpose and destiny.

Wayne and Ruth live in Chambersburg, PA, and are the parents of three adult sons.

The suggested donation for Wayne and Ruth's counseling is individually $75 per session, or as a team, $90 per session. 
  Rhoda Lehman

                                             Prayer Counselor for
                                             Women, Parents and                                                             Children

Rhoda is a Prayer Counselor who works with women and parents and their children (birth to age 12) toward bringing healing and wholeness into their lives.

She has worked with Spring of Hope in Waynesboro, PA since 2002 under the supervision and tutelage of Wayne and Ruth Kuhns.  Rhoda has been trained in prayer counseling through both the Basic and The Advanced Elijah House School. She is widely read in childhood issues, trauma, attachment and healing. She has attended workshops pertinent to her work including Play Therapy and Beyond with Paul White and Attachment & Trauma Multi-family Camp with Bryan Post of “The Post Institute”. Rhoda is a certified “Parent Coach” with The Post Institute.

Rhoda is married to Daryl Lehman. Rhoda and Daryl have reared three children and are now enjoying grandchildren and great grandchildren. Their experience of adopting their first child (at 17 months) has helped shaped her focus of ministry. 

Her heart is to see women, parents, and children freed to reflect God’s heart of love to each other and to the world.

The suggested donation for Rhoda's counseling is $70 per session.
Spring of Hope celebrated its 16th anniversary on May 20, 2018!
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Emotional / Physical and  Sexual  Healing ...and much more.

We have two locations throughout Franklin County to serve the community.
We counsel over 1,000
people each year!
Wyatt Rebuck

     Prayer Counselor


Wyatt is a graduate of the Elijah House schools. He has also completed training with the Institute for Biblical Counseling. His training includes marriage, family and maturity issues.

Wyatt counsels male teenagers, individuals and couples. His passion is to see people break free from the stronghold’s that prevent them from experiencing and walking out God’s destiny and purpose for their lives. He has a heart to see relationships restored.

Wyatt resides in Ft. Loudon, PA with his wife Joanne and their two children.

The suggested donation for Wyatt's counseling  is $60 per session.
       Carissa Martin

    Prayer Counselor
for Women and
Teenage Girls


Carissa counsels women, teenage girls and their families. She excels at helping those she counsels to understand their destiny and the uniqueness of their design. It is her heartfelt desire to witness her clients connect with the heart of the Father.

Carissa also spends extensive time training and coaching those whom she counsels to renew their minds and walk in their authority as believers. It is her passion to see the captives set free, to have hope restored and to liberate them to live in the joy of the Lord.

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, fears, self-harm or other addictive behavior, there is freedom for you. Come and discover how to be free.

Carissa is a graduate of Elijah House School and Advanced Elijah House. She is passionately pursuing transformation in her God-given spheres of influence and more deeply developing her giftings. Carissa continues to press into God's presence through reading and attending continuing education classes and lectures.

The suggested donation for Carissa's counseling is $70 per session.

            Carlos Rosado

     Prayer Counselor

Carlos was born in Puerto Rico and moved to NY at the age of 8. Since coming to know the Lord at age 17, he has served missions in the Bronx, NY, and in San Francisco, CA.

He has been a counselor at Spring of Hope since 2005 and is a graduate of the Elijah House 201 & 202 training schools. He
has worked in prayer and healing ministry for over 20 years, and has helped in youth ministry for over 40 years. In 2000 he started in full-time ministry as a Youth Pastor and is currently an Ordained Minister through the Brethren In Christ Church.

Carlos has been delivered from demonic possession and oppression. A book entitled Soul Battle by Jill Thompson is a biography of his life and deliverance from the demonic world.

Carlos and his wife Ruth live in Waynesboro, PA. They have three daughters and five grandchildren.

The suggested donation for Carlos' counseling is individually $70 per session or $90 per session with a team member.
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  Melissa Varner

          Administrator &
        Prayer Counselor


Melissa is a professional photographer and business owner turned pastor, counselor, teacher and coach, as well as a wife and mother. In the spring of 2009, the Lord asked her to close her business and begin credentialing through the Brethren in Christ Church denom-ination, and two years later she received her license. Since her credentialing, she has taken the Elijah House classes, the base for the ministry at Spring of Hope, and her love for the classes spilled out in great ways. Now she is a facilitator and teaches the classes to others. Counseling has been a growing passion for her as she desires to see people walk in freedom.

She loves being a part of a staff where the hearts of the people ministered to are the heartbeat of what we do. When she's not at Spring of Hope you can find her studying as she is continuing her pastoral education through Messiah College and preparing messages for upcoming speaking and preaching engagements.

"I'm looking forward to and anticipating all that God has for me at Spring of Hope, and I can't wait to meet you as we walk steps to freedom."

The suggested donation for Melissa's counseling is $70 per session or $90 per session with a team member.
        Wilma Martin

Prayer Counselor


Wilma is a graduate of Elijah House School 201 and 202 and Embracing Life, and has assisted in teaching these classes for several years. She is a graduate of 101 and 201 Professional Life Coaching from Light University where she has also completed classes on grief, suicide and trauma. Wilma loves to teach and to share what she has learned and to link arms with others in the pursuit to live life intentionally.

Like many others, Wilma's life pursuit of God has been a tough journey through disappointments, guilt, rejection and pain. She uses what she has gained through her own struggles to help others on similar journeys. Her prayer is that her pain will not be wasted but used to help others find victory and healing, to come to a place where they can embrace the life God intented for them and to trust Him with childlike trust. That even though . . . .  yet I will praise You."

Wilma has a deep desire to learn, to study and read and to seek God for knowledge and understanding. She lives in Greencastle, PA, and is the mother of two daughters.

The suggested donation for Wilma's counseling is $60 per session.